Maintaining your manufacturer Warranty during COVID-19


Scheduled servicing, is not only an important way to ensure your safety on the road and extend the life of your vehicle, it is also an essential part of maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty during your vehicles warranty period of 3 years (for both Ford and Suzuki).

Our vehicle manufacturers (both Suzuki & Ford) are sympathetic to the extraordinary situation that the world has found itself in over recent months and is keen that we all follow the guidance issued by our government in only taking essential journeys to limit the spread of Covid-19.

As such, your manufacturer’s warranty will continue to be honoured if your vehicles scheduled service may not be completed within the usual stated time frame due to you socially isolating.

This is provided your scheduled service is carried out as soon as is practicable and your vehicle DOES NOT exceed the recommended mileage interval.

Please give us a call on 01548852323 if you wish to discuss how this effects you and your vehicle personally.