The Swace represents the cross section between functional and sporty. It's where practicality meets style. A fully loaded self-charging hybrid with an elegant and simple interior design that focuses on spaciousness, comfort and high quality finishes. The Swace boasts a high quality body design that cleverly combines slick styling and on-road stability. It also has an incredibly smooth, comfortable drive and comes packed full of advanced tech and safety features, ticking all of the boxes for both work and play. There's a lot to love!

Experience the Swace's powerful Hybrid electric motor accompanied by a 1.8-litre petrol engine. Together, they craft a seamless driving experience with powerful direct response acceleration that produces excellent fuel economy and low carbon dioxide emissions. A smooth, lightweight and efficient CVT automatic transmission is offered as standard and selectable drive modes including NORMAL, ECO or SPORT can be activated to suit driving conditions or driver preference.


Model Transmission Insurance Grouping Manufacture List Price
1.8 Hybrid SZ-T Automatic CVT TBC £27,499
1.8 Hybrid SZ5 Automatic CVT TBC £29,299
Metallic White or Silver £900
Metallic Black, Brown, Bronze or Blue
*For Retail customers only including £2,000 customer saving.