Suzuki Jimny Protection Pack

Suzuki Jimny Protection Pack

If you have to have a Suzuki, you’ll probably have to have a few extras too. So Suzuki Genuine Accessories Packs offer practical, fun and stylish accessories in easy and great-value bundles. Whether you want to personalise the way your new Suzuki looks or make it more practical to fit your life, we have the Suzuki Genuine accessory or accessory pack that is right for you. The protection pack on the Suzuki Jimny offers a good level of protection to help keep your new car in the best condition possible and hopefully reducing the damage from minor incidents such as the sometimes unavoidable car park scuffs and shopping trolley dings.

The protection pack includes; Flexible mudflaps front and rear which are great for helping to keep the car clean and reduce the stone chipping on the side of the car, bumper corner protection strips helping if you were to lightly scuff the front or rear  of the car against something, side body moulding set which will help to reduce car park dents from others opening their doors onto your pride and joy and a boot cargo tray to protect against any spillages in the boot. Individually these would cost over £384 fitted, but as a pack only £359, a saving of over £25!


And if our range of packs doesn’t feature the accessory you desire, contact a Sales representative at the Dealership to get more info over a cup of coffee.

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